The Official Security Special Interest Group of American Mensa


By Bill Weber

And now for something completely different…  for the NTM CyberRG the Security SIG (SecSIG) is here to harmonize your physical and cyber security Feng Shui.  This fall, we will be at the NTM RG with a whole room dedicated to fancy stuff like build your own computer, play some games, experience virtual reality, or learn to pick locks!We are friendly to all ages and will have content for kids up through their grandparents.  Grandparents do not need to have a child to attend.  So, there are some suggested prerequisites.  You’ve taken a test or two, so listen up…  here are your directions:

1) If you want to play games, bring a computer that is capable of playing games.  We’ll provide you power and internet.We may also suggest a time to play certain games so we can get teams together.  Who knows how many of you will want to do this, so best to email to reserve your spot.

2) So you wanna build a computer?  You’re gonna need some parts -and not just any parts.  We’re talking a Raspberry PI 3B+.  All in, you’re probably looking at about $65 if you go to our corporate overlords at Amazon.  We are not Amazon.  We do not have a 30 second shipping guarantee.  That being said, we’ll have a limited number of Raspberry PIs available and ready for purchase at $40 apiece but when they’re gone, they’re gone.  If you want to enjoy this activity, take action.  Be proactive.On the other hand, we will be providing a monitor, keyboard, mouse, power and internet during workshops, so there is that.

3) Everything else is free.Free as in, there may be a line that you’re welcome to stand in if you want to use our stuff.

This year, we will also be talking a lot.  About what you ask? Well, about how to protect yourself online and probably something about blockchain, because everything is better with blockchain.Come see us in the main track for that.There may also be a secret competition that were not allowed to talk about.  See, I’ve said too much already.  So, come chat with us at the SecSIG room, bring your gaming computer and a frosty adult beverage, or check out our talks in the main track.

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